How to choose a kitchen style

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How to choose a kitchen style

The kitchen is the energy center of every home. Here life boils and accumulates energy, which then disperses to all the other rooms. That’s why kitchen interior design is so important. Make a mistake with the selection of kitchen style – and ruin the whole atmosphere of the home. Choose the right one – the harmony will be established in the whole house. Let’s see what styles of kitchens are and in what rooms they are appropriate.

Consider a kitchen with a high ceiling and large windows. Such a room dictates you the loft style, hinting that in place of the kitchen was once a factory shop. And a rough finish will give your kitchen the look of a creative workshop.

A large kitchen gives the green light to followers of country and ethno – they can safely fill the space with decor, embroidery, and bright panels. Modernism and minimalism are appropriate here: no bulky furniture and nothing unnecessary, maximum air and light.

The favorite color scheme. We recommend to adherents of strict dark colors to appeal to the classics, the palette of which allows coffee, chocolate and even black colors. If you want to play on the contrast – the modern style with color accents will help you. Adherents of cold shades will suit high-tech, the highlights of which are steel gray and asphalt.

Desired effect. Simplicity, practicality, closeness to nature – rustic style will tell about all this: Russian, French, Scandinavian. Love for luxury will emphasize the baroque style, and the classic interior will give the kitchen a solidity.