How to identify a fake when choosing luxury kitchen furniture

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How to identify a fake when choosing luxury kitchen furniture

Everyone has their own approach to the choice of furniture.  The goal of some is to save money, others – to buy luxury furniture.  However, one must be careful not to purchase a copy instead of the original.  To do this, you should pay attention to the following points:

A company selling luxury furniture must have a high level of service, that is, consultants in the store must know what they are selling.  If, immediately after the first question, the employee gets lost and does not know what to say, then it costs nothing to buy in this place, since it is most likely a fake.

Too low cost.  Products made from natural materials are of high quality, which means that the price for them cannot be too low.  Even if there are quality certificates in the premises where supposedly elite furniture are sold, it is better to make sure of this yourself.

There must be a product warranty.  This is what distinguishes elite furniture from economy class products.  At the same time, it applies to both individual elements and entire headsets.

Samples of the materials used for the production must be available from the sellers of luxury furniture in the showroom. Our products are environmentally friendly and safe, thanks to the natural materials used in the production.  You and your loved ones will certainly appreciate our care for your health.  And the pleasant aroma and energy of natural wood in the apartment will fill it with an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.