Kitchens with Light-Colored Cabinets

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Kitchens with Light-Colored Cabinets

Leafing through fashion catalogs, it’s easy to see how popular today is the solution to living space in white shades. Interior of the kitchen in light shades are chosen by people seeking to fill their homes with light, to maximize the space, to fill it with a sense of lightness.

The concept design solutions set the kitchen three elements: sustained to the smallest accent style, dominant color – he is designed to visually combine facing, large furniture and accessories, and – sets, which is a kind of “rock” design kitchen.

Kitchen sets in light colors are chosen by those for whom it is important, on the one hand, the elegance of the room, on the other – the absence of visual overload: after all from white, cream, beige, soft milky shades cannot get tired.

The kitchen of light color can be small, – and at the same time comfortable, emotionally warm. The design of a light kitchen is usually enlivened by local contrasts, for example, pastel walls will be an excellent background for decorative objects and antique utensils, which you would like to draw attention of guests.

Owners of large kitchens can afford a luxurious styling of space – for example, in the Empire style, which implies the high fronts, behind which are opened piles of antique sets, chairs with high backs, pompous lamps, art objects.

The design of the classic kitchen in light colors requires a large space, otherwise it will create a feeling of crowding, reminiscent of the atmosphere of an antique shop.

Creating kitchens in the classic style, we strive to find the golden mean between restraint lines and warm pastel palette. Classic does not like imitation, so the sets are made exclusively of wood. Acrylic patina comes to the rescue, with which, using an innovative technology, we achieve the effect of aging the surfaces – on the one hand, emphasizing the solidity of the surfaces, on the other hand – creating the impression of a “home with history.