More words about custom wood kitchen

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More words about custom wood kitchen

A kitchen made of wood is beautiful and luxurious, but expensive and problematic to maintain. Considering the fact that the kitchen is bought for a long period of time, it is worth approaching very carefully. The main goal is to find a wooden kitchen that will delight the eye for many years and at the best price. Yes, yes, this is quite possible if you have the skill to choose custom solid wood kitchens correctly.

Let’s note right away that most solid wood kitchens are not 100% made of wood. Often only facades or even a part of them are made of wood, incl. doors, drawer fronts, open shelves, etc.

Wood is not the best option for a work surface. The material very easily absorbs moisture and all impurities, it can be colored under the influence of juice or wine. It is recommended to combine wood fronts with stone countertops. In order not to overload the structure, you can choose an artificial stone. However, wooden work surfaces are also actively used, only their durability depends on the protective treatment made by the manufacturer and your desire.

Custom kitchen made of wood has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • wood is an environmentally friendly and natural material that does not emit toxic substances, but, on the contrary, gives a pleasant aroma;
  • wood is very beautiful. A wooden kitchen will decorate the apartment, emphasize the taste and status of the owners.
  • wood is a durable material.