What materials are used to make luxury kitchen furniture

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What materials are used to make luxury kitchen furniture

Elite kitchen is often associated with classic-style furniture.  And this is not surprising, since it is the embodiment of exquisite form, decorative elements, the beauty of natural material and practicality.  However, it should be noted that kitchen furniture can be not only classic.

Headsets made in modern trends, for example, in the modern style, are quite popular among the owners of their houses and spacious apartments.  As for the requirements for such furniture, they are no lower than those that belong to the classics.  Elite kitchens in these styles look just as impressive and attractive, while differing in functionality.

The main materials used for the manufacture of luxury kitchen furniture are wood, metal, stone, glass.

Natural wood is in the first place among the materials used for the manufacture of luxury kitchen furniture.  Its main advantages are exquisite appearance, color, texture, as well as hypoallergenicity and environmental safety.  Among the most popular species are ash, oak, cherry, beech, wenge, acacia.  Moreover, each of them has its own characteristics, texture, shade, which allows you to arrange the design of the room the way the owner wants.

 – Oak kitchens.

Kitchens made of solid oak always look luxurious and noble.  They can range in color from reddish brown to pale yellow.  In some cases, you can find wood of a gray-green or pale pink hue.  Since oak is particularly durable and moisture resistant, elite oak kitchen furniture serves for a long time.

 – Ash kitchens.

This material is used for the manufacture of both elite kitchen furniture and structures of the middle price category.  This material has a fairly high strength and durability.  As for the color, it can be either rich brown or pale pink.  According to the manufacturers, elite kitchens made of solid ash can serve their owner for at least 30-40 years.