What designs make the kitchen millwork cabinetry designs in that are trending

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What designs make the kitchen millwork cabinetry designs in that are trending

Today, there are many exciting trends in the design of kitchen furniture that allow you to combine the space of several rooms into one, whether it is a living room with a kitchen, a living room with an office or more. If you want your space to play into your hands with a custom design, consider the following points.

The best cabinets – cabinets with furniture interior styling

One of the most unusual ways to transform a modern kitchen is to add furniture accents. If you are considering a storage feature with some glass in the door, be aware that there are cabinets who can put your furniture into a China-hutch-esque custom made cabinet.

Just think white and bright

White or other bright shades allow you to visually enlarge the space of your kitchen. Current kitchen cabinetry design trends lean towards using light paint colors for most of all the cabinet surface. Both Islands and ordinary tables can be incorporated into these designs. The island is able to feature the same cabinet style with a contrasting paint color, or you can use a completely different piece for your island. The tables, no matter the design should be accompanied by the right chairs.

Floor to ceiling

Having an island workspace helps closet designers maximize floor-to-ceiling wall space. These cabinets combined with custom drawers for maximum storage can make your kitchen an amazing design marvel.


The modern carpentry design of the kitchen is filled with light, making it easy to work on any surface in the kitchen. One of the most popular design solutions is LED lighting. These lamps produce no heat, but give you and your fellow cooks plenty of work light.

Also, current trends offer many reflective surfaces. The light reflection, even from a small source, will help emphasize the space of a kitchen or another room. In addition, reflection will increase the number of visible light sources, which will make the design even more pleasant.

Opening shelves

Fans who love open shelving will be drawn to the latest design trends, such as plate guides on china-shelf inserts, even though some chefs may be skeptical about the move. Moreover, modern design trends are not monochrome. If you want floor-to-ceiling cabinets to be the same color, then enjoy them. If you want to choose an island of different colors, or even completely different materials of the same color, then open shelves are just the place to present one color that will bring it all together.

Time for a modern kitchen design has come

Modern kitchens are designed to support home cooks who want to work or just have fun in the space. Plus, a new kitchen upgrade could open up more options for delivering good food and entertainment to those you appreciate.