Top 3 Woods For Kitchen Worktops And How To Choose Them

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Top 3 Woods For Kitchen Worktops And How To Choose Them

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen worktop, solid wood is an attractive and highly versatile material that you really can’t go wrong with. From rustic country houses to stylish modern apartments, a real wood worktop transcends all design trends and styles, fitting effortlessly into any home without ever looking dated or out of place.

But once you’ve made the decision to go for a timber worktop, your first questions will be: What type of wood should I use? Much of this will largely depend on our own visual preferences; what kind of timber you like and which species will match the other timber finishes in and around your home. If you need help with this, consider these key points:

  • What is the dominant wood tone in your kitchen? Pick out the largest pieces of timber furniture or even wooden flooring and use that color tone as a jumping-off point for establishing the tone of the room.
  • Is it warm or cold? Work out whether your existing timber theme is warm (rich and dark – reds, yellows and oranges), or cool (pale, light, grey or white). Once you’ve worked this out it will make choosing your worktop easier.
  • Go against the style grain. If you want to create a kitchen filled with contrasting wood tones you can try mixing things up – for example, a light colored floor with darker worktops and furniture can make for a striking room.
    NYC Professional Millwork have put together some of our favorite worktop timber choices to give you some much-needed inspiration.

We all know that oak is extremely strong, durable and great to look at with a visually appealing grain. But it’s also incredibly versatile, not only matching well with oak cabinets and furniture but with almost any other finish, colour scheme or material you can think of, from shiny blacks to stainless steel finishes.

It’s no secret that oak isn’t cheap, but it’s also an investment that pays dividends once installed and will last several lifetimes if cared for.

Also known as African Teak – Iroko is great if you’re looking for something a little bit different to oak but still want to take advantage of its unique practical benefits – it’s also more cost-effective too. A durable and tough choice for your worktop, this West African timber is resistant to rot as well as temperature and moisture irregularities, making it superbly suited to the heat and steam of the kitchen. Iroko also comes with a gorgeous golden color that will darken and mature beautifully and gradually over time.


If you’re looking for a timber to really tailor to your style of kitchen – Walnut is the one for you. A very aesthetically pleasing wood, Walnut is characterized by its straight, smart and uniform grain along with its powerhouse composition. But what really makes Walnut so great is that it works well in traditional homes and even better in the most cutting edge modern kitchens, polishing brilliantly in sleek, contemporary environments. It really is a wood that’s futureproofed for refurbished and restyled properties and minimalist homes.