The pros and cons of a custom wood ceiling.

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The pros and cons of a custom wood ceiling.

Ceilings made of wooden panels or boards are especially popular with fans of eco-friendly and natural materials in design. How to add such a construction to the design of your interior and not to break the stylistic harmony? This also applies to custom woodwork. Before you decide to make a wooden ceiling, you need to weigh all the pros and cons. So, the advantages of such a design include:

Excellent soundproofing – a big plus for both party lovers in their apartment and owners of noisy neighbors from above

High thermal insulation properties – very important for the residents of the last floors

Nature and environmental friendliness is a great advantage for families with small children and those with allergiesAbility to beautifully diffuse light – due to the natural patterning the wood creates a unique play of light and shade, which adds luxury and coziness to the space.