The interior of a small private home.

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The interior of a small private home.

The size of the living space – a concept that should not affect the comfort and coziness in the house. Whether it is a spacious house or a small area – its interior should have everything for a full life and recreation. This requires only the desire of the owners, as well as the advice of experienced professionals. You can always contact us for a personal consultation!

Living room.

It is usually not provided in conditions of limited square meters, but, nevertheless, it is very important. It is difficult to imagine a family vacation or a friendly gathering without a room designed for spending leisure time together. The best solution is to combine the living room with a bedroom or kitchen, clearly marking the functional areas. Large furniture will have to be abandoned. A corner sofa, poufs and a compact table would be ideal.


A full recreation, especially in suburban life, is impossible without a good healthy sleep. In a small private home, there are several options for creating a bedroom interior:

– Arrange a place to sleep and rest in the attic. Just do not forget to insulate the roof;

– Use the smallest room in the house by installing a wall-to-wall bed in it;

– Place a transformer sofa bed in the living room.


This is the best place to fantasize about creating a functional space – a pull-out countertop instead of a full table, built-in appliances, cabinets under the ceiling, shelves on the side panels of the cabinets, and more hooks to hang your dishes.


A small bath or shower cubicle is a solution that depends on the space you have at your disposal. Walls make a big difference: install mirrors to visually expand the space.