Pros and cons of the design project. Part 2 - Cons.

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Pros and cons of the design project. Part 2 - Cons.

1. Differences in tastes.

Often, when working with inexperienced professionals, the result is disappointing. The design project meets the taste of the designer, but not the owner of the apartment. Experienced designers know that design is not only creativity, but also the ability to hear the client. If a specialist is carried away with creativity, the design project can please him, but not the customer.

2. Technical difficulties.Sometimes young and ambitious designers who have no experience in the practical implementation of the design project, create a project that is impossible to recreate in real life technically.

3. The severity of shopping. Not all designers provide shopping lists. The client gets a project in his hands at best with a few drawings, but the items used on the visualizations do not exist. You can’t go and buy a sink, a cabinet for it, a bed and light fixtures in a store. You have to choose analogues yourself, and it’s not easy.