Minimalism: Basics of simplicity and freedom

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Minimalism: Basics of simplicity and freedom

At the heart of minimalism is the minimum number of pieces of furniture. As for cabinets, they must be built into walls, without pretentious handles, glasses and mirrors. The bed – only on low rectangular legs, without soft headrests and decorative carving. Sofas – straight geometric shape with light upholstery and without pattern. It should be noted that textiles are practically not used in the interior of such a plan. It is allowed to have no curtains or curtains on the windows. Instead, they are used vertical blinds and shutters.

A special role in minimalism plays a multi-level lighting room. Massive chandeliers and sconces are not a suitable option. Attention should be paid to the hidden ceiling lighting made of neon lamps, as well as lighting fixtures with screens made of pure cotton of monochrome shades.

The color palette in minimalism is based on light shades. Contrast is only allowed if the space is zoned. Due to the fact that furniture in the room is the minimum, the main role of the divider in this style belongs to finishing materials – wood, metal, glass, bricks. With their help, the division of a room into the required number of zones is created. It is important not to forget about one of the conditions – all lines must be strictly geometrical. No spirals, blurred outlines and waves.
If in many other interior solutions decoration plays one of the key roles, in minimalism – everything is different. The walls in such rooms should not attract attention. They are painted in monochrome colors, the relief surface is acceptable. The only wall decoration is the insertion of panels in the form of decorative plaster, brick, wood. The ceiling in this interior is light. You can increase its height visually by creating a multi-level ceiling and zoning it with lamps. Playing of color is not supposed, as it only makes space more difficult. As for the floor, the preference is given to natural wood or laminate without a strongly pronounced pattern.

The minimalism is based on an almost complete absence of furniture, light tones and geometricity. This style may vary depending on the type of room in which it is used. You can complement the image with bright elements. But do not forget the rule of five colors: minimalism does not accept the presence of a large number of accents.