Interior design in the style of minimalism.

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Interior design in the style of minimalism.

It is not easy to provide comfort, mobility and attractiveness through a minimal amount of details in the interior. Let’s figure out how not to break the minimalistic design.

Important tips to help you create a minimalistic interior:

– Maintain the freedom of space;

– Use only natural natural materials in finishing (wood, leather, stone, wool);

– Get everything unnecessary out of sight. Don’t hoard things; store them in drawers;

– Prioritize natural light. Windows without curtains are ideal, but blinds are acceptable. Artificial light sources should be hidden and create diffused light;

– The palette is maintained in one basic color, which is complemented by 2-3 shades;

Minimalism is a style that does not collect dust. The best solution for those who do not like frequent general cleaning and are supporters of neatness.

You can ask for help from professionals to design a minimalistic interior for you.