Interesting design ideas for a modern hallway

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Interesting design ideas for a modern hallway

Vertical shoe cabinet

A shoe cabinet at the entrance of the apartment is a practical solution. There can even be several such cabinets if you have a lot of shoes. The cabinet, which is closer to the door, is designed for everyday shoes. This is convenient, because when you enter, you immediately put your shoes in it. You can make it tall and narrow, with a separate shelf for each pair.

Large mirrors

Large mirrors in the hallway are good for expanding space. They visually increase the area of the room, it looks bright and spacious.

Hide elements that are knocked out of the design

Each architectural feature of the house should be beaten into the interior. For example, you can hide the electric hatch in the built-in closet. Behind the clothes it will not be visible.

Skirting with lighting

For a narrow long corridor, an excellent solution is floor lighting. You can use a special skirting board with a built-in LED strip for lighting.