Common mistakes in bedroom design and ways to avoid them

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Common mistakes in bedroom design and ways to avoid them

At first glance, there is nothing difficult about furnishing a bedroom. You need to put a bed, a closet and a couple of nightstands. But in fact not everything is that simple. Often people are not happy with the final result, both aesthetically and functionally. Now we will look at a few mistakes in bedroom design.

Mistake 1. Insufficient number of outlets.

Unfortunately, this mistake is made at the planning stage and in the final decoration it is quite problematic to fix it. The number of gadgets grows every year, and everyone is plugged into the power grid. If 10 years ago one or two outlets at the bedside table were enough, now it’s recommended to make at least 2-3. Now there are many options with built-in usb outlets, it’s convenient.

How to avoid it: When renovating, make a list of all the devices that can be used at the same time and make the same number of outlets and 1-2 more to spare. In a year or two there will definitely be a new gadget and you will have somewhere to plug it in.

Mistake 2. Poor quality bedding.

Bed greatly affects the quality of sleep, but also an important factor here is the bed linen. The main criterion of choice is the material, and then the color and pattern. The design can be attractive, but you should not buy linens from bad materials. It will lead to discomfort during your sleep.

How to avoid it: It is worth buying linens made of natural materials that are environmentally friendly, durable and hypoallergenic. A good choice would be: linen, flannel, cotton and silk satin. Your skin will be grateful to you, and the quality of sleep will reach a new level.

Mistake 3. One light source.

Even a very powerful lamp can’t illuminate the room evenly. The brightness will be different in the center of the room and in the corners. The interior will seem fragmented and flat, and the atmosphere oppressive. This is not what we aim for in a room where we need to rest and gain strength.

How to avoid it: Always use multiple lighting scenarios. To do this, think through your activities and delineate the areas that need to be lit separately.

Mistake 4. Lack of a redundant light switch.

It seems like a small thing, but it spoils the lives of millions of people. Everyone knows the situation when, before going to sleep, you have to get out of a warm bed to turn off the light. It’s especially annoying if the room is big.

How to avoid it: The solution is very simple – install a redundant light switch. You might have seen one of these in hotels. Provide for this small detail, and it will save you from unnecessary discomfort, increase the functionality of the interior and save time.