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The wood must be dry. If the surface is slightly wet and as if resinous, then, most likely, the drying technology has been violated, which means that even without significant influences, the facades can bend.

No cracks and roughness on the wood are allowed, with the exception that the surface is artificially aged. We also pay attention to the edge seams, which must be carefully processed to smoothness.

Mounting holes should be neat and smooth. If there are cracks near them, then soon the fastening will weaken, and an expensive kitchen will require repair.

All decorative elements must be neat. Separately, it is worth inspecting all the elements of the fittings. The shelves should slide in and out without much effort, without rattling.

The lockers should open without squeaks and difficulties. The handles must be strong and free from damage.

Experts say that even large and eminent firms are not immune from some mistakes in the preparation of raw materials. Only now a responsible company will replace the furniture, and an unscrupulous manufacturer will blame the buyer for everything.

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