All about the cork flooring, Part 3. Cork flooring in the interior of the rooms.

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All about the cork flooring, Part 3. Cork flooring in the interior of the rooms.

The material is suitable for flooring in almost all rooms. The exception is home saunas and swimming pools, because it is too warm and humid there. Let’s talk about the benefits of cork flooring for each room.

Children’s room

This is the most successful place for cork flooring. First, the material will not harm the child’s health. Secondly, the resilient surface minimizes the risk of injury to children during games. 

Another factor in the choice is the excellent soundproofing properties of the material. The flooring perfectly absorbs sounds, so other inhabitants of the house will not be disturbed by children’s play.


The main requirement for flooring for the balcony – the ability to retain heat. Cork does a great job with this task. Look at how harmoniously natural and beautiful flooring in the modern interior of the balcony.


Cork flooring in the bedroom gives coziness and a feeling of unity with nature. A nice bonus – such a floor does not squeak even after years of use. This means that the steps of the household will not interfere with your restful sleep.

Living room

The natural texture of cork will fit perfectly into any interior style. If you are looking for a universal flooring for the living room, this is the best option. The material looks interesting, but does not distract attention from other details of the furnishings. The photo shows an example of a successful living room interior with cork flooring.