All about the cork flooring, Part 1. Common myths.

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All about the cork flooring, Part 1. Common myths.

Natural finishing materials are always in honor, but when choosing, a lot of attention is paid to their composition and properties. Cork flooring is one of these discussed coatings. Now we will tell you the whole truth about eco-friendly flooring. Cork is a durable and attractive material for interior decoration of rooms. Many people are hesitant to use it after hearing nonexistent facts. Here are the most common ones:

1. The coating is rough to the touch. This is not true, the material is covered with protective varnish, so it definitely can not be rough.

2. There is only one shade of the material. This is also a lie, there are a lot of design options and colors.

3. Cork tiles are easy to bend and break. This is one of the most common myths. In fact, the material is dense and hard.

4. The floor has a porous structure, so it is very difficult to clean it. Again, we remind you that the products are coated with lacquer. The surface can be easily cleaned of any stains

Cork flooring comes in both natural shades and painted. There are many ideas for design: you can depict original patterns, imitate wood or stone, mix in the design of several colors. The variety of options makes it easy to choose the right flooring for any interior style.