10 kitchen planning rules. Part 2.

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10 kitchen planning rules. Part 2.

6. Drawers VS hinged doors

Drawers are more expensive, but they are more convenient than hinged cabinets. Especially if they have a full extension mechanism. When you open them, you can see at a glance what’s inside. However, we do not recommend ordering very large drawers. The best order is kept in the standard 450 or 600 mm wide sections. If you choose a larger size (900-1200 mm), then buy special fittings for functional storage. A good manufacturer always has a selection of organizers and dividers.

Closers provide a smooth, silent closing of cabinets. That’s why I advise everyone to equip their furniture with them. No one wants unnecessary noise in the kitchen.

7. Safety first!

Bad kitchen planning can lead to cuts and bruises. That’s why the ergonomics of the space must be thought out very carefully. You need to think about different scenarios of behavior in the kitchen, so you won’t constantly bump into open drawers or open doors. There should always be enough light in the kitchen, so you need to think about lighting.

8. The kitchen should be practical in terms of cleaning.

Many people like to cook, but hardly anyone likes to clean up for a long time after every meal. That’s why you should choose materials that are practical and easy to clean, as well as colors that won’t show stains, fingerprints, streaks or scratches. It is often difficult to understand all the variety of materials and decorations on your own, so it is better to ask the professionals.

9. Unnoticeable, but important detail – handles.

Spend time on the choice of cabinet handles. Sometimes you need special false plates for the handles. Without them, the handles may bump each other when opening. If you choose fronts without handles, you can avoid these problems. In addition, they are more convenient to clean. It’s a very popular solution now and that’s why we recommend them! And keep in mind that cabinet fronts that open upwards can damage the ceiling if you don’t plan it right.

10. Don’t turn your kitchen into a dump.

It’s best to use white dishes and clear glasses to keep your new kitchen in perfect order. When choosing a set, it’s important that you have the option to buy individual items one by one. Just in case something breaks. Get rid of the gift plates and cups, because they all have their own design and don’t fit your décor. If you really want to keep a special gift, find a separate place for it. And another tip: Clean up regularly. Keep only the items you need and really use. Then your new kitchen will always make you happy!